KWG 2019 Writing Contest Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to ALL Knoxville Writers Guild contest categories. See specific guidelines under each category heading for requirements specific to each category.

Please read the guidelines carefully in order to ensure entries are processed efficiently and fairly.

Remnants of Evergreens – Jessica Pierce

Remnants of Evergreens On cold December afternoons like this one, every sound seems amplified by the glittering layers of frost that glaze the branches, the bushes, each blade of grass. It crunches beneath their feet as they trudge between the trees side by side. The warm steam of their exhales floats up in cumulus formation […]

Tesoro – Dianne Stewart

 Terms: acuita– from the Taino words meaning “eye” and “did not know” acuita celt– a small knife, hand-carved from bone, that allows the holder to teleport acuit– to teleport acuitor – someone who teleports using an acuita celt   Alli The present, Western North Carolina, September  I wake up and open my eyes, then squeeze […]

Mrs. Stridewell – Tristan Tucker

Mrs. Stridewell   “Dead,” he read aloud as he paced the floor. “It says I am dead, killed in some horrific way too terrible to mention.” The paper in Johnathan Stridewell’s hand was anything but ordinary that morning as he sat at the dining room table. “Oh whatever do you mean?” declared the misses of […]

Make No Mistake – Carla Brunty

Make No Mistake Near cotton fields of asphyxiation, men hung from high strung branches half-ass amputated. Throats slammed shut like freedoms door. Dangling gods like obscene pendulums. . . such crimes went un-clocked and the aorta of ancestry constricts.   Near cotton fields of captivity, hearts beat to the hymns of Jesus, hearts half-baked and […]