KWG 2019 Writing Contest Winners

The 2019 Knoxville Writers Guild Contests have been judged and prizes awarded. The Creative Nonfiction Contest did not receive enough entries to award a prize, so only three prizes will be awarded.
KWG would like to thank the local businesses providing prize money for the contests: Young Writers Prize by Testprep Experts, Short Fiction by Celtic Cat Publishing, and Poetry by Knoxville Walking Tours.

A Short History of Dwarves – Calvin Beam

The Short Tale of Dwarves The early morning sun warmed Awk’s bronzed shoulders as he padded toward the offshoot of the Nile River nearest his village. The sky was brilliant and clear. The air had the tang of hot sand. A breeze stirred the waters and the reflected light shimmered. If Awk were not so…

KWG 2019 Writing Contest Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to ALL Knoxville Writers Guild contest categories. See specific guidelines under each category heading for requirements specific to each category.

Please read the guidelines carefully in order to ensure entries are processed efficiently and fairly.