Facilitator: Rick Robinson

Membership Status: Currently Closed

Group Statement:

We are serious fiction writers who write regularly and have work in hand.  Some of us are also professional non-fiction writers.  At present we meet once a month to exchange opinions and edits of one another’s work.  We tend to favor literary and historical fiction as well as the classic genres: thrillers, mystery, and traditional science fiction.

New applicants should either:  1) already write and read fiction regularly; or 2) be avid readers of fiction (English majors welcome) who are willing to critique the writers and can attend meetings regularly.

Applicants should submit an example of their fiction – 1,000 to 5,000 words – to be considered for membership.  They should be current members of the KWG as well.  Please send your work and a short statement about yourself and what you hope to gain from this group to Rick Robinson:  rwr7@comcast.net