Facilitator: Pamela Schoenewaldt
Membership Status: Currently Closed.
Mission Statement:
“We meet twice a month on Wednesdays, 6pm to about 8pm in Maryville, sharing written local and global critiques of each other’s work. We have an opening for a skilled fiction writer who has mastered the mechanics of written English and fiction (plot, character development, dialogue, etc.) with a preference for those with at least one publication or competitive award. We tend to literary and historical fiction rather than fantasy or sci-fi.”

Applicants must be current members of the KWG and submit a writing sample of 5 pages double-spaced for short-story writers, or 10 pages double-spaced for novel writers, along with a short statement about what they hope to give and gain in joining the group to Pamela Schoenewaldt: p.schoene@comcast.net

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