Rhea CarmonRhea Carmon: Poet, Performer, Mentor & KWG Member
Stunning performance poet, math teacher, mentor, and mother, new KWG member Rhea Carmon is making an outsized contribution to the lives, the arts, the souls and the academic futures of Knoxville youth, and is at the forefront of women’s slam and performance art in our community.
Consider: In 2016, her YouTube video grant request from Oak Ridge Associated Universities, won a $30,000 grant for a classroom technologies to help her math students at Austin East tackle the “extreme problems” she set for them. When her students have non-math problems, she’s there too: “She’s like my mom at school. She’s built a relationship with every single one of us,” said one student. You can read more about this project and see Rhea’s winning video.
As a performance and slam poet, she has created the Fifth Woman Poetry Group, which meets on the third Friday of each month at the Birdhouse, challenging, inspiring, liberating, and celebrating young poets and new talent.
Rhea Carmon and friends gave a standout performance last spring for the Knoxville Writers Guild. In April, 2018, she’ll lead a workshop on the Poetry of Healing for the Guild. Don’t miss it!
Welcome, Rhea Carmon, to the Knoxville Writers Guild!!

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