Jeannette Brown and her upcoming character development workshop: Characters are People, Too.

Turning flat characters into authentically round ones requires several critical considerations.  This is a fiction writing skill that Jeannette Brown has studied and applied.   Her KWG workshop is  Sunday May 19 10:00 am until noon.
Jeanette has been writing fiction for decades, and along the way, whether she’s writing or reading fiction, she has discovered that it is characters who make a plot effective, so a great story is nothing without great characters.
I asked  Jeannette if  she knew her principal characters’ arcs before you began or in the midst of writing?  She said, “I have no idea about the arc until the end.” I know a focus of her workshop will be to turn flat characters into credible round characters.  It will be interesting to know how the arc of her characters develop and how the arc remains a mystery until the end.
Some other interesting aspects and concepts that Jeannette will share include discovering your characters’ superpower, utilizing your own superpowers of observation, and becoming a collector.
Jeannette writes poetry and fiction. Her work has been published in Bellevue Literary Review, Southwestern American Literature, New Millennium Writings, Descant, Steel Toe Review, Suddenly IV, Knoxville Bound, and other publications. She is the co-editor of Literary Lunch, a food anthology. Her MFA is from the University of New Orleans.

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