She’s a poem

This day
That the lord made,
She needs first aid

Cause she’s dying
Of fright
She lives in the dark of night
Cause she’s lost the spark of light

And of potentiality
She no longer wants to be

A doctor, dancer, astronaut
she stopped tryin to dream, stopped tryin to flaunt

Her body and her vocals
You wonder why the locals
Don’t know she exist
Its cause she didn’t persist

They think she’s thirteen and lean
But she’s lanky and she’s cranky

Her feelins
Are wheelin

And about

She’s beat on the street

Beat down she’s gonna drown

Cause she’s sinking
Cause she’s always thinking

But overlapped

By the hope
That she could cope
With humanity

But that future is grim
As dim as

The light (that ain’t bright)

Behind the eyes
Of the girl in disguise as

A person
But the truth is worse than

The fear.
It’s clear
To see

She doesn’t

Have fear of isolation

She isolates herself
Removed from the shelf

Of comfort
which is dirt

Dirt cheap

She got her clothes from her bros
And her charm from karm

But she’ll pause this ramble
Cause you stopped trying to unscramble
The message behind
This waste of your time

So she’ll give the explanation
To satisfy your expectation

And she is

A poem
A world
the essence
The presence

Of words so beautiful
Words so tactful
Words so thesaurical

The world is a poem
The poem is a world

She’s the poem
She’s a world