Facilitator: Anna Laura Reeve
Membership Status: Currently closed
Mission Statement:

Broadly, to focus on final edits and manuscript creation. Open to those with experience publishing individual poems and ready to move to full-length manuscript. Round-robin workshopping, with three members emailing their work two weeks before the meeting. Remaining members bring thoughts and comments on this work to the meeting. No wallflowers. Meets monthly on a Tues. or Wed., 7:30 pm, downtown public coffee spot or bar.
KWG members inquiring about this group should include their preference for night—Tues. or Wed.—and answer a few questions: What are main themes/subjects in your current work? What shape & direction do you see your manuscript taking, roughly? If you can’t keep up with other members in the group, as far as submitting and commenting, are you ok if I ask you to step down to let in another poet?

Contact person: Anna Laura Reeve (reeveal@gmail.com)

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