Facilitator: jcmannone
New Members: Open
Mission Statement:
To provide writing opportunities for poets & writers to create drafts from a variety of prompts in a small group setting. Whether for the shear joy of writing, or to overcome writer’s block, participants write in short blocks of time then share their work if desired.


  • Bring your own pen & paper (some prefer a laptop but try to sequester the clacking noise).
  • The facilitator will offer a variety of prompts (including visual and tactile ones), but participants are welcome to bring prompts, too. The prompts should be suitable for prose and poetry.
  • To an agreed upon prompt, we write for 8 minutes, share our work (without critique) if desired, engage in a short discussion, and repeat the process several times. We usually come away with four drafts (some of which have led to publication after necessary revisions).
  • The reorganized group was launched in August 2016. We will meet from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the community room at Earth Fare in Turkey Creek at least through February 2017 on the second Wednesday of each month.
  • Come early so that we can socialize, order something to eat/drink and hear announcements and make introductions. We want to promptly start writing at 6:30 pm. (We have the room reserved until 9 pm if necessary.)
  • This group is open to all active KWG members and will split into additional groups if too many are in one group. The ideal number per group is 4-6.
  • Contact John (jcmannone@gmail.com) to ask further questions and/or to request being placed on our email list. Because of a 2-hour round trip drive, I will only consider committed attendees for this group.
  • Have Fun!

Latest revision: August 30, 2016 JCM